About California United Plumbing

Who We Are

California United Plumbing is a full service family owned plumbing contractor providing services in L.A. and Orange County. We create valuable partnerships and are committed to providing you exceptional quality work, ongoing support and a seamless execution thru the duration of your project.

We thrive on client satisfaction; our journeymen plumbers are fully trained and experienced and will work by your side so you can focus on managing your project and meeting deadlines. The majority of our work comes from satisfied client referrals making us California’s most trusted plumbing experts.

Our Mission

At California United Plumbing we are committed to your success and creating mutually benefiting partnerships that develop into long lasting relationships. Our number one priority is to help you meet your project deadlines on time and within budget. We do this by providing you with highly trained plumbing experts, utilizing top quality supplies and equipment as well as staying on top of changing industry trends and regulations.